The Post Sitting on The Couch

I never watched FRIENDS consistently in the 90s, never downloaded and binge watched during the 00s when I finally watched all those late 90s shows I wanted.

I've started watching from the start, since FRIENDS trivia is a thing presently, and my friends teenage children regularly make pop culture reference to plot lines from FRIENDS.

The first few episodes didn't capture my interest, but The One With the Dozen Lasagnas (episode 12) is where it really captures me.

I wish I could remember where I read/listened/heard the concept that one of the challenges for modern writers is that we don't have many culture reference points; that in the past biblical references and stories provided a [relatively] common reference point.

FRIENDS had a major cultural impact, it's really fascinating to see its storytelling finding a new audience today after becoming available on Netflix.

It's an interesting idolized take on mid-90s white urban living, the end of the pre-internet era, the early cordless telephones, the hair, the cars, newsstands, the World Trade Centres, CDs in a rack, coffee table books, and VCRs.