The Report of a City Worker Fired for Sex on The Job: City Acted Properly

*The Hamilton Spectator *is reporting a City worker has been fired after “allegations he had sex with a prostitute in a city vehicle during work hours.”

“Sources say the alleged incident took place in the Barton Street area probably sometime in August.”

It came to the City Manager’s attention and the employee was quickly fired.

No Scandal, Just One Employee Making a Poor Choice

There is no scandal here, and there is no wrongdoing by the City.

While the timing is bad for the City in light of other recent scandals, there is nothing linking this event to them.

In fact, it appears the City acted properly in this matter.

In short, there is no story.

Sex sells, and “Real” Journalism is about Selling

Thankfully, I don’t have to sell newspapers or display ads.

Hence, this is all I’m writing on the story unless something changes to show wrongdoing by City management in this matter.