The Smoking Gun - Nora Loreto, RSU VP and President-Elect, Die Hard CFSer Actively Assisting in the Management of and Campaign for York UnDivided

When I was at York University last week, my friend and I decided that it be interesting to sit at the back of the room during an all-candidates debate.  So, I am sitting watching things and who do I see leading the one slate in and advising them plus handing out materials?

None other than Nora Loreto who is not a York student, should be working at her SU (Ryerson students are paying her) and has no business interfering in the York elections.  Now, if she was a casual observer that be one thing, but she was not.  Anyway, I took out my camera and took some pictures:

It’s Nora Loreto!  Interestingly, when the RSU office was contacted, the person answering claimed she was off that day to attend a funeral.  I guess that she could have done that before 12:30am or after 2:00pm with campaigning at another school mixed in there for fun.

As I was taking pictures, I was informed that there was no recording of the proceeding allowed including photographs.  Someone from York Undivided went up to the CRO and she announced that this was the case and that people were required to delete any recordings already taken unless they were members of the media.  Members of the media were asked to sign a sheet.  I did so, signing my name as Joey Coleman from The Silhouette where I am a staff member.  I released these photos to other papers as soon as I returned to McMaster.  My friend noted that when I was nearly complete signing the sheet that the CRO’s and York Undivided’s faces changed suddenly.  That would be when I signed my name and they must have recognized it.  The Silhouette did receive a call later in the day asking if I was truly staff.  Anyway, I went back to sitting down and noticed a conversation occurring between Nora and YorkUndivided with lots of looking (and one person pointing) my way.  At this point, realizing that last year the YFS CRO (another die hard CFSer) called security on student journalist who caught outside interference, I left the premises since I was never intending to actually catch a story or take pictures or anything like that.  Just decided that I be interested to hear what was being said and to see if any candidate had a position on 407 GO Transit service which is an important matter for students at York and McMaster.