The Struggle for Better (I mean Decent) Food at University of Manitoba Continues

With a new website and student group in Speechly/Tache Hall.
I am more than honoured that this group as approached me. As I said last year in April (not an exact quote as I do not remember word for word and never write out my speeches in advance. A practice I may begin.), “Yes, I am leaving you and yes I will not longer be your UMSU Councillor. This does not mean I am still not fighting for you and it does not mean that I will forget you. You all gave me the privilege of serving as your UMSU Councillor, I can only hope that I have proven myself worthy of the confidence you placed in me. … Remember, I am always available by email and promise to do my best to help. … Some people have expressed concern that the fight against Aramark will be lost without its leader. I say, I was not the leader, there was no leader. I was just merely the spokesperson. Yes, I was a student leader but without the student I am nothing. You all have it in you and all of you can be the next spokesperson. There will be somebody to speak out. ……. ”
That somebody is Matt
I just read the Constitution of this group and I must say that I am not entirely comfortable with the way to settle a tie. I do find the thought of it to be amusing and would definitely be entertained but I definitely do not think it is the way to settle a tie. This having been said, I know that all you UMSU members will say to me “loosen up, have a little fun”


  1. The elections of the Association shall be held according to the following rules:
    a) The election of the Executive Committee shall be held during the three weeks prior to the end of each academic year.
    b) The elections of the officers shall be conducted by secret ballot.
    c) Only members shall be entitled to vote.
    d) For an election to be valid a plurality of votes is required.
    e) In the event of a tie vote, the tying candidates will be subjected to a beer-drinking contest. Three (3) cans or bottles of a brand that is mutually agreed upon by the candidates will be placed in front of each candidate in similar glass cups of at least reasonably clean nature (President’s discretion). Upon the President’s call of ‘Go,’ the candidates will attempt to drink their three beer each as fast as possible. The winner is the candidate who drinks the beer the fastest, and keeps from vomiting any of it up for at least five (5) minutes. Penalizations, disqualifications, and re-chugs will fall under the jurisdiction of the President.