The Varsity - CFS 'yes' vote scrapped by Sask. judge

I have been extensively quoted today in the largest student newspaper in Canada; The Varsity of the University of Toronto.  The News Editor of the Varsity wrote an extensive article about the invalidation of a CFS-rigged referendum at the University of Saskatchewan with the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union.

The article begins with the following:

Led by a blogger, critics of the Canadian Federation of Students’ (CFS) campus organizing practices are cheering last Friday’s ruling by a Saskatchewan judge annulling the results of a contested student union referendum.

There is an extensive write-up including the position of the CFS that the ruling of the judge does not mean anything to the result of the referedum for them.  It finishes with a quote from me:

And CFS critics are also finding guidance from voices in the blogosphere.
“They’re well-organized and they have a campaign machine that they move from school to school and quickly override local opposition,” commented Joey Coleman, a student from the University of Manitoba who follows Canadian campus politics.
His blog, he said, is an accumulation of evidence about the CFS’s “underhanded” organizing tactics. “Many people have read it and researched it and realize that the same things are happening at their school.”
“I see CFS looking back, and seeing where their strategy failed at the U of S. Primarily what it was is that they did not have full control of the executive. Hence, they had to negotiate with non-CFS people, and that’s where you got this mix of CFS rules and local rules, which resulted in this court ruling.”

Link to The Varsity – CFS ‘yes’ vote scrapped by Sask. judge