May 18, 2012

TheSpec uses thinglink to create rich interactives

TheSpec uses thinglink to create rich interactives
![]( "Dc9cTR39BUZtW9X2bfSP") War of 1812 map canvas
[Thinglink]( is the “[it]( [thing](” in journalism circles this month and TheSpec is putting it to good use today with a [great interactive map]( of The War of 1812 in southwest Ontario. 

Full credit to their web team for a very creative use of the service and a nice interactive (that I’m linking to again because I think you should check it out) feature.

Anyone can use thinglink, the service is free, and there is plenty of potential for local blogs to use the service.

A map of James Artcrawl with a point for each event? How about Supercrawl?

An explanation of an “art masterpiece” hanging in a gallery? (Looking at you AGH)

The possibilities are endless, and thanks to TheSpec for introducing the platform to a wider audience in Hamilton.