This is scary, Joe Volpe has no moral fibre!

Okay, I did not really care that this guy’s corruption resulted in the end of Sgro’s time in Cabinet. I say let the Martinites rip each other apart and be evil little politicians with each other, I do not care.
But when it is hurting charities that are doing a good job of helping people, while I get pissed off!
You know, this makes me angry!
I can see why so many services are going away from Not-For-Profits and Charities ….. simple these groups are not allowed to give kickbacks to the Liberal Party. Which is a good thing about charities and not-for-profits, I do not want my taxpaying money to be funnelled to the Liberal party. That is why we have the sponsorship inquiry, to try to stop this funnelling of money.
Now that the Liberals are privativing these services, the money is able to flow back into Liberal coffers.
Joe Volpe is more interested in making sure money is funnelled first to the Liberal Party and then to his riding. He does not care about the people that lose out, as long as the Liberal Party coffers are filled.
The Liberal Party of Canada – desparately searching for new ways to funnel money without ad agencies.