Tuition Fees Increasing and Where Is the MSU?

I am at the University Board of Governors Meeting.
The Board of Governors is about to raise tuition for McMaster Students.
The MSU Board of Directors, all of whom claimed they were going to lobby on behalf of students on this matter, is not present.
What a surprise, when there is work to be done for students, you can find the Board in Quarters (the campus pub).
So, basically, the most important Board of Governors meeting in years and the MSU President and Vice-President were too busy doing other things that were important to them personally to bother to advocate for students.
At the very least they could have shown up and maybe ask for more money for Student Aid.
The worse part of this all, we are currently paying both last year and this year’s Board of Directors of MSU Inc., which means there were seven of them supposely working and none of them could walk down one flight of stairs to represent students!
(NOTE THAT I HAVE WALKED 30MINS HOME TO POST THIS, WHEN WRITTEN I WAS AT THE BOARD OF GOVERNORS MEETING. Has the University is concerned about students actually making the MSU Inc., work for them, I have had a ‘behavioural contract’ imposed by the University at the request of the MSU. It makes it a major offense for me to be commenting on the MSU on campus since the MSU Board of Directors feels initimated and harassed by students calling for democratic reform and I am considered by the University to be the leader of these students. This post of an exercise of my Charter Rights off-campus and is outside the ability of the University to punish me for). I figure the University will be very unhappy to see me exposing the MSU’s lack of advocacy for students on this file.