Two days off - paid work that is

I’m off the next two days from The Spectator newsroom and will be taking Sun, Mon, Tues as my days off for the next few weeks. (The long weekend will be extra long with Weds off as well.)

I’ll be in the newsroom from 5am – 1pm Weds – Fri, and 6am – 2pm on Sat for the remainder of the summer.

I’m going to spend today (Mon) and tomorrow cleaning my apartment, working on projects, playing pinball in Ancaster, and maybe having some fun by covering the Hamilton Future Fund Board of Governors meeting on Tuesday for my personal blog.

My attic apartment heats up a lot during sunny summer days. My front room, with a large ceiling fans and two windows facing north, stays cooler than the rest of the place. I’ve more my computer into that room, but made a mess of the rest of my place in the process – I have to clean up that mess.

I’ll probably do that Monday morning while watching Larry Di Ianni officially announce his candidacy.

Not that his announcement is any surprise. As soon as everyone read the trial balloon of Andrew Dreschel’s May 14, 2010 column in The Spectator, it’s been widely known that Di Ianni was running. Di Ianni’s appearances at any gathering with more than a half-dozen people only confirmed suspicions.

The announcement is at 11am. I’m going to try – not making any promises – to write some quick thoughts on my blog.

After cleaning my apartment, I’m going to update my Twitter training materials. I’ve already received a few requests from student newspapers to conduct training sessions this fall.

I’ll polish it up this week and once done, I’ll post the slides onto my personal blog for everyone to discuss and hopefully learn from.

The Toronto Ontario Pinball League is playing in Ancaster tonight. I haven’t made it to pinball league since mid-May and I’m looking forward to a relaxing night. This will be the first time I see Dan and his wife since I profiled them in The Spectator.

Tuesday will be a relaxing day. I’ll make my way to City Hall for the 2:30pm Future Fund Board of Governors meeting. The BoG will be debating using the Future Fund for the proposed East Mountain Pan-Am stadium.

I’ll be bring my camera with me and hope to upload some pictures during the meeting itself. I will NOT be covering this meeting for The Spectator – they have a City Hall staff. (Since I’ll be a private citizen, my standard copyright policy on my photos will be in effect. You’re free to use any of my photos for non-commercial purposes.)

It’s been awhile since I liveblogged a meeting – should be fun. Makes me nostalgic for Oshawa City Council.

– Joey