U of M - acting like a Doctoral University for 10 days

The University has decided to serve a proper breakfast for 10 days. Only Monday to Friday, this week and next. If one has a exam on Saturday morning while too bad you can do the exam on an empty stomach.
For $8.25 you can have
2 eggs
2 pieces of high fat bacon
1 scoop really cheap hash browns
1 Muffin or Danish or piece of fruit or 2 slices of bread
2 glasses watered down concentrated juice
What a deal! for Aramark and the University. A nice profit of a least 50%.
At least the University is acting sorta like a Doctoral University.
Not to worry, we are going to be the only Doctoral University in Canada to close its Library for an entire two weeks.
Of course, I pay for the breakfast because for me it is great to finally have a meal to start the morning.