U of M Political Studies Students Conference

University of Manitoba Political Studies Students Conference is next week here at the University of Manitoba.
It will be a very interesting event with a focus on Canada/US Relations.
I look forward to the Defense/Security section of the conference where I will ask a question of the Panel.
Right now I think I am going to ask one of the following three questions:

  1. With our Defense budget being the 16th highest in the world we are spending more per capita than most countries in the world yet we have nothing to show for it. With this in mind, would it not make more sense for the country to not increase the Defense budget, instead would it not make sense to get rid of the tens of thousands of uniformed bureaucrats that do nothing more than chase their tails in Ottawa everyday?
  2. I take great pride in being a Canadian, especially when I know that one of the top Generals in Iraq is a Canadian. The Americans are very pleased with his performance, very much like they were pleased with the PPCLI’s performance in Afganistan. With this in mind, would it not make sense to reshaped the Canadian Military to have specialized units that can easily interact with the Americans?
  3. The blackout of 2003 exposed many glaring problems with the Canadian Government and its inability to respond to a potential crisis on any scale. Has the Canadian Government done anything to prepare for a similar event in the future?
    If you are one of my fellow Manitobans make sure to check out the website for the conference: www.umpssc.ca
    and make sure to come out for the Conference.