UMSU "Election" About to Begin

Steve has the candidate list and the list of questions available on his site:
I doubt that I am going to have any time to cover the election myself.
I will express my concerns seeing the candidate list. First of all, there is no contest. I cannot believe that no one is interested in contesting the election.
Second, most of the names on there are CFSers. I am concerned that if the interests of UMSU differ from the interests of the CFS, they may side with CFS.
That having been expressed, I believe that Sran has done a good job this year. I wish, however, that someone else take the opportunity to lead UMSU. I feel that a very strong and nearly impossible case must be built to run for a second term.
I do not know if it is possible (having not read any recent changes to UMSU bylaws) to extent the nomination period.
If I were still on Council and it was possible, I would move a motion to reopen nominations and extent the period.
It is not that I believe that the candidates would not do a good job (one should always have concerns about anyone in office), it is just that I believe UMSU (and the student body by extension) lose when there is no contest or real campaign.
The election is the only time that many (but not too many, since most students do not vote) students pay attention to UMSU. Many candidates mean many ideas. Many ideas come from candidates they do not win yet are implemented by Council eventually.
This is why I am concerned with the lack of a race and why the title has quotation marks around the word election.