University of Arizona Dealing On-Campus Discipline for Off-Campus Parties

The University of Arizona has extended their Student Code of Conduct off-campus as reported by the Arizona Daily Star in a story entitled “UA to start penalties for red-tag students.”  The Tucson Fox affilate aslo reports the story.  According to the Fox report, the Dean of Students Office will receive a report from the Tucson Police Department weekly detailing red-tag citations.  The DoS will tend determine which party hosts are students of UofA.  The DoS will tend issue on-campus penalties for parties host by students with a majority of guests being students.  The penalities must be linked to violations of the SCC such as

The “red-tag” is a highly visible notice which is printed on red paper and given when police fine a property for having an “unruly gatherering” under a law called the *Unruly Gathering Ordinance *(Noise Ordinance on SU site) and must remain clearly visible on the property where anyone passing by the property can clearly see it.  It must remain up for 180 days.  The “red-tag” is the scarlet letter of our times.

The ordinance that the “red-tag” is issued under is over a decade out.  It is supposed to be fairly applied across the City of Tucson but as the media reports it is not:

The Dean of Students’ pilot program will be the first time anybody has examined which portion of the city’s red-tag citations are issued to students, who are widely thought to receive the bulk of the citations. An Arizona Daily Star analysis of active red tags in August found most were concentrated within two miles of campus.

Now, it does not say if that is because the area is targeted or that students are the only ones that throw parties.  I doubt it is the latter.

Currently in Ontario, the idea of a keg registry is being put forth as an way to stop/control/punish student parties.  The language used officially is that it will apply to all keg and police will visit all keg registars to make sure they throw a proper party that will not break any bylaws.   I can see things being targetted to students like in this case.

The Arizona Students Union has two pages in their off-campus housing guide dedicated to the ordinance: