University of Manitoba and Aramark ..... not in U of M's best interests!

Not only do they take lots of money off-campus every year, most of it from ripping students off, they create bad publicity for the University. The latest example on the blogosphere is a lady named Caleigh M from Saskatchewan, Canada who wrote about how bad the Aramark food was. Nice publicity for conferences: Food Sucks. This hurts U of M’s finances has conferences come once, eat the food and never return. I am currently conferencing at the University of Western Ontario and the food is great. I am very impressed and thinking this would be a great deal to have a conference here. Especially with the modern residences at $2542 dollars a night including the Internet that I am using right now.
Anyway, here are the two blog entries that tell everyone how bad Aramark food is:
Damn Aramark! (Post Title)
Winnipeg …
At least she liked the residence…. just not the Aramark food…. and who could blame her!