University of Ottawa student challenges mandatory student unionism

![]( "Tabaret Hall at the University of Ottawa.")Tabaret Hall at the University of Ottawa.
A University of Ottawa student [is going to court]( in an attempt to leave his student union.It all began as an attempt to stop receiving emails from his student union and could become a landmark court case instead. Various faculty associations at the University are attempting to leave the student union, but this is the sole case of an individual.

Edward Inch, a fifth-year chemistry student, is using small claims court for his case.

I doubt small claims will grant his request – it’s too significant a case. However, it’s quite possible the media attention of Inch’s case could result in a benefactor assisting him to take it to a full legal hearing.

This email listserv is yet another example of why student unions should not be imposing political activism upon the entire student body. It’s legitimate for the student union to engage in activism, but it should be accommodating of those who wish to not interfered with by the activism.