University of Regina not University of Manitoba

Today in the Globe and Mail, Lloyd Barber is quoted stating an disgusting anti-Jewish remark:

“Don’t forget that the Jewish lobby is a very powerful lobby,” Lloyd Barber, a former University of Regina president and companion of the Order of Canada, said yesterday. “It’s not the only powerful lobby, but it’s a very powerful lobby.”

I hope that he loses his Order of Canada very quickly. This makes me sick that the Order of Canada is tainted by these bigots!
Get rid of them now!
Anyway, this topic is discussed on the Blogosphere and some misquoted the article and stated that Mr. Barber was the past President of the University of Manitoba.
He is not and I asked that the blogger correct this.
And he corrected it very quickly. I have made mistakes before as well and taken forever to correct them, so I am very impressed with the quick response!
The blog post in question is here: