Update - Massive Post (no real structure)

Well, this Friday in the afternoon, I was asked if I was available for the weekend. I was not doing anything too important so I decided to say “No, I am not”. While, I had the opportunity to be involved with the MSU Horizons Conference. Basically, it is a leadership conference for incoming first-year students. Definitely a great idea, this enables these incoming students to get familar with the Students Union (The McMaster Students Union does not use the apostrophe as Students is plural to them and not a possessive adjective) and the university prior to the start of Orientation. He is a really great concept and a great way to make incoming student feel welcomed into the Students Union.
I enjoyed the conference as it was the first MSU event I have been involved in. I also encounter the same your new and cannot do anything attitude that I encountered at the beginning of my UofM involvement. Sorta the same in a way, at U of M it did not come at all from the Executive actually the Executive (Amanda, Cathy, Mike, Josh) were great and kept me involved despite my lowered morale. A great thing about UMSU Council, no member of Council (except Executive) may have a paid position with UMSU hence the Councillors do not have an monetary interest in holding onto their positions for dear life. Furthermore, the perks on UMSU Council suck! Come on, the only perk is a VIP card to Wise Guys and Wise Guys sucks big time. I know I never went there after my first time. I am reacting the same way, not letting it get to me or discourage me. I will continue to be involved on campus. Last year I could have stop being involved because some upper-year students decided that I was “a problem” and I would have never achieved being on UMSU Council doing all the stuff I did. It may not be with the MSU (not that I will not try to be involved and none of my attempts to be involved will be discouraged by this event), probably not even in my Faculty Council, but I have been welcomed into my Departmental Student Association and I am looking forward to being involved there. Just sorta interesting how Student Politics works, frankly I prefer Public Politics, at least there you know who your opponents are and it is not so personal.
The biggest thing I am taking out of this weekend is that I AM PUMPED for the start of the 2005-2006 school year!
My Website – I found out I have a few broken links on the top menu and I have repaired them. I am still waiting for MT to go from Beta to Final Release so I am currently not doing much with my MT install.
In the news – The City Council of San Francisco has decided that a great way to protest the war in Iraq, and the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy of the US Military is to change their mind on having one of the most famous US warships of all time permanently docked in the Harbour as a tourist attraction. Read about it here.