Update on Public Works Arbitration - Hamilton Police Letter to City Finding No Evidence of Asphalt Theft

The ongoing arbitration case involving the termination of 21 public works employees is providing more insight into what exactly happened in the public works asphalt scandal.

A recent ruling in the city’s favour includes the full letter the Hamilton Police Service sent the city upon the conclusion of their criminal investigation.

[![The full text of the Hamilton Police Service to the City of Hamilton regarding Public Works Asphalt investigations](http://www.joeycoleman.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/image001.png)](http://www.joeycoleman.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/image001.png)The full text of the Hamilton Police Service to the City of Hamilton regarding Public Works Asphalt investigations
The Hamilton Police Service found no criminal wrongdoing or evidence pointing to criminal wrongdoing by any of the terminated employees.“Hamilton Police Investigation has determined that all funds have been accounted for and there is no evidence to support any criminal behaviour between City of Hamilton employees and COCO Paving,” wrote Hamilton Police.

The most recent ruling also clarified the arguments that will be against by both sides during 30 scheduled days of hearings.

The city plans to focus its case upon time theft, falsification of records, and the grievors alleged lack of honesty during the investigation.

Among its arguments, the union claims to argue that the City’s delay in informing the fired employees of the allegations against them preventing employees from properly defending themselves. The fired employees will not be reviewed until 7 to 10 weeks after the events in question. The union argues that prejudiced their ability to remember the events on the dates they are accused of not doing their jobs.

The union or the city or commenting upon the most recent ruling but said in the ongoing arbitration as the reason for not commenting.

Coco Paving, which was named in the Police letter, continues to be the City’s supplier of Hot Mix Asphalt, with their contract renewed by the City in May. They’ve also won numerous other city contracts in competitive bids this year.