Update: Simon Fraser (University) Student Society

It appears that the Student Union has plenty of questions to answer and the blogosphere is filling up with new blogs demanding those answers:
SFU Students for Democracy: http://sfustudentsfordemocracy.blogspot.com/
SFU Solidarity: http://sfusolidarity.blogspot.com/
StudentUnion.ca: http://www.studentunion.ca
Keep up the Good Work SFU students!

On a side note: the SFU Students for Democracy blog makes me think that maybe the Movement for Democratic Reform of the MSU should think about getting a blog. Of course, we, cannot allow the MSU to find out the identity of people involved in the movement because the MSU will be able to file charges with the University for being involved in harassment (yes that is what calling for reform is considered at McMaster University) of the MSU. They will also ban anyone involved from all MSU space and activities. Actually, (warning rant incoming), the indefinite ban on me entering MSU space or using MSU services / businesses / activities is actually causing me grief these days. There is a farewell party next week that I wanted to be at, unfortunately it is in Quarters so I cannot attend. Also, there is no where in Westdale that sells HSR bus tickets except the MSU. I am refused service by the MSU so I had to work 35 minutes to the nearest store that sells bus tickets! Man, that pissed me off.