USask’s Sheaf at the centre of another controversy

The University of Saskatchewan student newspaper, *The Sheaf, *is at the centre of another controversy related to its editorial content. (PDF version page 10)

Last Thursday, an editor of the paper wrote the editorial page opinion and stated “Remembrance Day is a depraved celebration of war, violence and death.”

While the opinion piece made very valid points about the reasons why Canada became involved in World War I and World War II, it showed a lack of understanding of the true purpose of Remembrance Day. Instead of making a fully meaningful opinion, the piece degraded into a typical anti-military rant.

The piece fails to note that Remembrance Day is a solemn occasion. Veterans and military personnel do not celebrate war, do not like violence, and never celebrate death.

An editorial is supposed to challenge the reader and make them think. This piece had a great deal of potential to do exactly that, but went too far in what appeared to be an attempt to capture the reader’s attention.

This is not the first editorial controversy to occur recently at The Sheaf. Two and a half years ago, the paper was engulfed in scandal after running a cartoon depicting Jesus Christ engaging in the act of fellatio on a cartoon pig representing capitalism. The editor-in-chief of the newspaper resigned over the cartoon.

In the November 13th issue, hitting newsstands today, the editor who wrote the piece apologized “for not choosing my words more carefully.”

While I strongly disagree with the opinion piece, I’m reassured that it ran. The student press is one of the few places that one can challenge ideas which society holds to be sacred.

Student newspapers push the limits with inexperienced writers. The result is some good ideas go bad and outrage follows.

I know I’ve had to learn the hard way as well.