UWO to release president’s contract

UPDATE: News story, including a link to the full contract, available here.

The University of Western Ontario put out a statement this morning saying they are releasing the contact of UWO president Paul Davenport following a media request.

“A member of the media has asked for a copy of Dr. Davenport’s contract. Both the Board and Dr. Davenport believe this is a reasonable request and in keeping with Western’s values of openness and transparency. Dr. Davenport felt it is important to share this information with the faculty and staff at Western,” said Board of Governors chair Michele Noble.

Davenport is Canada’s longest serving university president. He has been president of UWO since 1994 having previously served as president of UAlberta for five years.

It will be fascinating to compare his contract to McMaster’s president Peter George’s contract.

Remember that Davenport has been a university president for 6 years longer than George and – both cases – at a larger university.

We already knew from salary disclosures that despite this difference in experience, George makes around $125,000 a year more than Davenport.

The interesting thing will be to see if Davenport receives benefits not covered by salary disclosure that make up for this salary gap. UWO states that Davenport will receive a pension upon retiring and two years salary paid out over 24 months when he retires. At his current rate of pay, this means a pay out of around $700,000 – half of the pay-out George will receive.

Watch for more comparsions as other universities release their contracts.

**UPDATE: **A contact of mine points out that UWO didn’t actually make the contract public by posting it on their website which means the public must rely on the media to actually make the full contract available.