Valeri "The Opposition Calls It Abuse of Public Funds. Canadians Call It Securing A Prosperous Canada"

Mr. Valeri spoke of this election being an opportunity for Canadians to see the Martin Vision (not his exact word but pretty much what he meant).
While, the people of Hamilton East Stoney Creek see this as an opportunity to elect an MP from the riding to represent the riding unlike Valeri who represents Martin to the riding.
I for one look forward to giving Valeri the opportunity to find a new job cause being Martin’s monthpiece just does not cut it for the people of Hamilton East Stoney Creek.
Does Valeri actually believe this BS?
“The opposition calls it arrogance. Canadians call it achievement, the opposition calls it abuse of public funds. Canadians call it securing a prosperous Canada” – Tony Valeri attacking the opposition parties for moving a motion of non-confidence in the House of Commons.
HEY VALERI, I know you do not listen to people in Hamilton East Stoney Creek but I have a message for you: I DO NOT CALL THE SPONSORSHIP SCANDAL SECURING A PROSPEROUS CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I call it criminal abuse of my money!
Are you that drunk with the power of your position that you actually believe this?