I have the video now. It is a 10MB version of which means I can run it 2000 times a month. I also have the ability to tap another 38GB of bandwidth. The problem I face is visits from Department of National Defense servers. Everytime I get a visit from one of those servers (and I get about 20 visits a day from DND) it kills my bandwidth by loading all videos four times. Which means every visit is costing me 68MB. I have 20GB of bandwidth a month. So far this month, DND visits have cost me 1.8GB of bandwidth of a total 3.15GB.
I am wondering if anyone out there in the blogosphere knows how to script my Apache .htaccess file to allow DND visits but prevent the bandwidth drain. The only solution I can find is to block all DND IP addresses but I do not want to do this.
Any Tips?
I will be uploading the video this afternoon, it is on a DVD and my laptop is not DVD ready so I am borrowing a DVDROM computer this afternoon.
Plus, I do not want to miss lunch. It is a perogy lunch today! 😀