Ward 1 Councillor Candidates Debate - Monday [REPLAY]

Ward 1 Councillor Candidates Debate - Monday [REPLAY]

DIRECT LIVE LINK: https://new.livestream.com/joeycoleman-ca/YHMvoteWard1Debate/

Ward 1 debate at St. Mary’s Secondary School on Monday, September 29. Doors open at 5:30pm.


The Ward 1 race is one of the more interesting, and unpredictable in the City as six candidates seek to replace incumbent Brian McHattie who is running for Mayor.

The candidates (listed by date of registration) seeking to represent the West Hamilton Ward are:

Debate Format

The debate is organized by the Strathcona, Kirkendall, and Ainslie Wood/Westdale neighbourhood associations and will be moderated by AWWCA president Jay Parlar.

The questions are being submitted by Ward 1 residents and are being agreed to be all three neighbourhood association.

There will be opportunities for rebuttals by the candidates.

On My Livestream.com Channel

I’ll stream tonight’s debate on my Livestream.com channel. You will need to login to watch for free.

I’m using this channel as I have a backup streaming box in case of any difficulties, and it plays more nicely with my mobile phone for data streaming.

See you at 6:15pm