Ward 2 Council All Candidates Debate - Live at 7pm

Ward 2 Council All Candidates Debate - Live at 7pm

The Ward 2 race is just as competitive as the Ward 1 race with both having six candidates. The difference is that Ward 2’s incumbent Councillor is running for reelection, and therefore, the media isn’t covering the race.

That’s not the case here, I’m broadcasting debates in every ward. Why? Cause it’s up to you to decide how you will vote, and not up to me to decide to exclude races because there is an incumbent.

The candidates (listed by date of registration) seeking to represent the Downtown Ward are:

  • Ed Dallas (April 14)
  • Jason Farr (June 3)
  • Terri Wallis (July 17)
  • Kristina Heaton (August 1)
  • Ryan Henry (September 2)
  • John Vali (September 2)

The debate is organized by the Durand Neighbourhood Association

On My Livestream.com Channel

I’ll stream tonight’s debate on my Livestream.com channel. You will need to login to watch for free.

I’m using this channel as I have a backup streaming box in case of any difficulties.

See you at 7:00pm