This message is for all the people working with me to make the MSU more democratic and to make it work for students. The MSU President has turned up the heat significantly on me this week. He requested numerous investigations of potential breaches of the McMaster Student Code of Conduct.
As the MSU will continue to put a large amount of resources into shutting us down, I have to ask people to send me their non-McMaster email addresses. We must not discuss making the MSU work for students in any way that can get us in trouble under the Student Code of Conduct. One of the offenses under the Student Code of Conduct is Consprining against a Student Group.
To avoid this, all meetings must occur off-campus. All email must be sent by non-McMaster accounts to non-McMaster accounts. I have also block the forum we have from being view on campus.
Make sure that any email you send has all addresses in the BCC field to make sure the MSU cannot find out who is in the movement. As they are realizing that targetting me will not stop students from reforming the MSU, they may go after other people.
In short, be very careful.