Wasn't I just saying? SFSS G7 File Suit Against Students at Simon Fraser Using Student Union Lawyer

The G7 (the majority of whom are major CFS players) is using the services of a lawyer named Don Crane (commonly referred to as the CFS lawyer as he represents the majority of CFS controlled unions in B.C. and represents CFS slates in proceedings related to elections) to file suit against students at Simon Fraser using the student union lawyer. This has not been approved by the Board of Directors of the Simon Fraser Student Society. All this as they continue to wastes thousands of student union dollars to ignore the will of students.
The documents in this matter are available here:
I cannot believe just how willing Student Union Executives are to use lawyers against their opponents. I have been there, the MSU has attacked me on numerous occasions and managed to have me removed from my job (not that the University needed much convincing, they are very concerned about losing control of the Student Union. If Mac students take back the student union here, the University may have to start listening to us). Reforms are needed to require that Executives have to have widespread student support before spending student money on lawyers so that they cannot waste student money going after their opponents.