Waterdown Bypass East West Corridor Approved

Waterdown Bypass East West Corridor Approved

Flamborough (Ward 15) Councillor Judi Partridge says the Waterdown Bypass East West Corridor is approved, with the provincial Minister of the Environment having given final approval.

Clipboard02The road, to be building north and east of the old part of Waterdown is needed to relieve traffic congestion caused by the growth of Waterdown during the past decade. The growth is causing traffic congestion along east-west routes such as Highway 5 and Parkside Drive.

The bypass was first proposed nearly 10 years ago and was approved by City Council in 2010. The Environmental Assessment is now complete.

The estimated cost for the project in 2010 was $42,899,500 with Hamilton’s contribution estimated at $33,219,300. The remainder is to be paid by Halton for the portion of the road in Burlington.

Hamilton’s costs are to be funded from development charges collected from new growth in Waterdown.

At publication (midnight Saturday morning), it is not known when construction will begin.