Waterfront Trust Applies for Zoning Exemption for Sarcoa as Minor Variance [Replay]

Waterfront Trust Applies for Zoning Exemption for Sarcoa as Minor Variance [Replay]

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The Hamilton Waterfront Trust wants to be exempted from Hamilton’s zoning bylaws for restaurants and nightclubs to allow the Sarcoa restaurant/nightclub to have outdoor music and/or live bands on the Pier 8 patio.

The application is attracting opposition from neighbours who’ve more recently complained about an increase in nuisance activities as the club as changed its offerings to attract the crowd which often attends Hess Village on weekends.

Hamilton’s zoning bylaws do not allow for music or live performances on outdoor patios. The City does grant temporary permits for special events and festivals.

Community Opposition

Neighbours plan to attend today’s CoA meeting to oppose the application on a couple of grounds.

Some will argue the variance is not minor in nature and should be heard by Planning Committee and voted upon by Council, that the variance is not in keeping with the spirit and intent of the Zoning Bylaw.

Others will argue against related to the impact of noise to their quality of life as nearby residents.

Burlington Opposition?

Another interesting aspect to this variance is the impact upon the Burlington side of Hamilton Harbour.

Burlington City Councillor Rick Craven stated in 2013 at the Greater Bay Area Committee that noise from Pier 8 is crossing the Harbour and being amplified by the geography, causing difficulty for Aldershot residents.

At the time, Hamilton Councillors looked into the matter and it was decided to informally take measures to mitigate noise impacts from Pier 8 upon Aldershot residents.

Will Burlington be impacted if the application is approved?

Live Video

The Committee of Adjustment primarily deals with variance applications by private individuals related to their private property.

To stream a hearing of the CoA, I formally request permission at the beginning of CoA meetings. As such, I will be requesting to stream this hearing when the meeting begins at 1pm.

Watch live at 2:35pm: https://new.livestream.com/joeycoleman-ca/events/3312743/