What’s wrong with the UVSS?

The University of Victoria Students’ Society reopened its pub Monday night after a strike which kept the bar closed since the beginning of September.

The UVSS had the taps running but kept the kitchen closed with a sign on the door informing patrons “No food, drinks only” according to a report published by The Martlet.

This is significant because the union’s liquor license requires the pub to offer food.

The manager of the bar told *The Martlet *that while there was no food menu, pizza and fries were available if any patron requested them. The manager could not say if patrons were informed of this or if anyone actually purchase this food.

The UVSS lost their liquor license twice last year and was unable to serve alcohol for 26 days. They were also fined 10,000 dollars.

One would think the UVSS would have been more vigilant following those incidents.