Why I'm not Covering the 2014 Hamilton Municipal Election Until the 2014 Hamilton Municipal Election

Elections are serious business, and my coverage of the 2014 Hamilton Municipal Election will be the most thorough coverage of any local media outlet.

This site will focus on giving you, the voter, in-depth informative information-based, without any preferred candidates or agenda, to enable you to decide what candidates and platforms you wish to vote for.

There will be no endorsements of any candidate. You’ll be able to determine your own endorsement.

Our elections are about the future of the city we all love, I will take my responsibilities very seriously with that in mind.

Coverage Begins January 2nd

Until January 2nd, all we have to cover is a speculative and is horse-race politics.

On January 2nd:

– We will launch a new website and brand for Hamilton’s own local journalism outlet
– I’ll be at City Hall interviewing the candidates who register on Day 1
– In the event, our newly rebranded local journalism outlet will host a discussion of how to improve civic knowledge and engagement during the 2014 municipal election.

We need more serious journalism in Hamilton, and that’s what my election coverage will deliver.

P.S. I can’t wait to get started!