Will I make it back to the newsroom in time?

I keep saying that I’ll update this blog and never do.

I use Twitter, but complain that 140 characters isn’t enough to express all short ideas.

I use this blog, but think I have to express long ideas.

I’ve started to think of this blog as a similar format to my GlobeCampus “blog” online column.

I need to stop and just write.

Here goes:

It 1610 and I’m at Wentworth and Stinson. It’s been a productive day, but the results won’t make today’s publishing deadline. I have a more important deadline to meet – at 1630 the new editor-in-chief will be addressing the news room at the Spectator building.

I don’t have to be there – the new editor seems the type that prefers I be out of the building reporting on stories – but I rather hear his remarks for myself.

So, I have twenty minutes to get on the bus, ride to Dundurn, run to the Spec building, run up the stairs, and find my place.

Will I make it?

Update: I made it a little late, but before the speaking had ended.