WNYC New York City's NPR Station - Well Worth Listening To

I try to listen to a few radio shows on a daily basis.  Radio Open Source (ROS) out of UMass Lowell, the Brian Lehrer Show from WNYC, and (sometimes) the Leonard Lopate Show from WNYC.

I find that ROS is hit and miss.  This is mostly because some topics are of absolutely no interest to me.  There are a lot of topics that are of little interest to me that I enjoy the shows about.

The Brian Lehrer Show is normally very informative, same with Leonard Lopate.

Today’s BL show will have the following topics and looks like it will be very interesting:

We’ll explore a question raised by the Sean Bell shooting: Can black police officers be racist? Two of the shooters on the Bell case were black and two others were also non-white, leading to a different kind of debate about the role of race. Also, astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson, on his new book Death by Black Hole and why he thinks science and religion can get along; plus, a survey of Republican presidential hopefuls

Just noted while getting the UMass Lowell link that they, has their main news story, now have classes available as podcasts including video and PowerPoint slides.  Many other schools in the U.S. already offer this.  I really liked the graphic, and know that it make some university administrators cringe: