Words for Journalists - like me - to Live By

From Gary Abernathy, as published by The Washington Post:

Thomas Jefferson famously wrote,  “Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government  without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not  hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.” The biggest danger to  Jefferson’s preference is not Donald Trump. It is the self-destructive  habits of modern journalism itself. That it is better to be right than  to be first is a concept that, in the Internet age, seems as quaint as  Jefferson’s quill pen.
Jefferson could not have  conceived of a BuzzFeed and the infinite landscape of constantly updated  digital platforms, or the 24-hour cable news cycle. But all who aspire  to be part of the Fourth Estate, by whatever platform their product is  delivered, should cherish — cherish — the responsibility it  entails. That means fairness over bias, caution over immediacy, and  trustworthiness over clickbait. It means slowing down and getting it  right — something completely at odds with the age in which we live but  essential to regaining the public’s trust.