Wow: I’m speechless

Somethings need no commentary, they speak for themselves.

The following statement was sent to McMaster’s student newspaper The Silhouette by McMaster Students Union president Azim Kasmani referring to the revealing of McMaster president Peter George’s $99999/year for 14 years golden handshake:

This contract reflects Peter George’s decades of service to McMaster University as a faculty member, Dean and the longest standing President. It is important to note that Dr. George recently made a private donation of $100,000 to the Faculty of Humanities, which has been chronically under-funded for years, and shows his commitment to students.

That being said, the MSU believes that the onus is on the Board of Governors (BoG) to ensure that we attract the best candidate possible for the role of University President, and to do that requires offering a competitive salary and a fair contract. However, the BoG must remain accountable, and as such, ensure contracts fall in line with the University’s economic and budgetary situation. As there are student representatives on the BoG and the Senate, the MSU continues to expect that there be student representation on any committees making similar decisions or recommendations in the future.