Yahoo! and Google Visitors looking for Gomery Inquiry Information

Due to the high ranking of my blog on both search engines, I have been receiving many visits tonight from people looking for Gomery Inquiry Information.
I believe in the rule of law, even if I do not agree with those laws. As such, I do not have any information on the Gomery Inquiry that is forbidden by the Publication Ban, and since I do not have anything original to contribute to the debate I have nothing on it.
I have read the banned materials on the US-based blogs and yes (not surprisingly) I have opinions that I will express once the ban is lifted. Now, I could link to the US Blog and break the law. It is tempting to have my blog even more busy than what it is already and I admit that as a blogger an increase in traffic does stroke my ego. I love this country because it is a land with a strong rule of law and I would do nothing to disrespect the proper rule of law. The Publication Ban is proper and I respect it.
If you would like some good reading that is not in violation please check out the OOO: