Yeah, I am allowed to use a source!

I am allowed to use an online journal that is not linked from the UMInfo sites. My Topic is the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan as the most important contribution to WWII by Canada. One of my journal sources is the Canadian Military Journal. I did not know I could get it online until the other day when I searched the Dept. of National Defence site for info on the BCATP. This is the article that I am using for my essay:
As an interesting sidenote. Like many Air Force Bases that eventually closed, Gimli Manitoba’s began as a BCATP flight school. Luckily this occurred as on July 23rd, 1983 an Air Canada 767 ran out of fuel over Northern Ontario. Winnipeg was too far away to glide the plane to land at, but Gimli was just barely reachable. The former Air Force landing strip was where this Air Canada Flight Crash-Landed on that day.
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