York Students to benefit from new GO Buses

I’ve been talking UPass the last couple of days, so why not continue on the theme.

GO Transit, the inner-city public transit system in the Greater Toronto Area, unveiled new double-decker buses Thursday which will service the busy Oakville-Mississauga-York University corridor.

The buses, which will seat 21 additional passengers, will assist in dealing with overcrowding between Mississauga and York University. Due to the height of the buses, they will not operate outside the planned corridor.

I visit York University about twice a month and can tell you that demand for seats on the buses way outstrips supply. The popularity of the 407 service has surprised pretty much everyone and the new buses will likely result in new service come September. (GO is short buses and drivers at the present time)

The buses have a very interesting story to tell. Apparently, students going to York will not be the first passengers. That honour goes to a bunch of stowaways who snuck into them when they were shipped from the United Kingdom to Canada.

(Before someone emails me asking why the double deckers will not service the GO Lakeshore Train to McMaster shuttle on Sundays, I will answer it here. 1- The highway overpasses between Aldershot Station and McMaster University have lower clearance. They are the exact height of the bus. 2- they do not have luggage compartments. The extra seating would be taken up by bags.)