York University and Ontario Universities - They get Public Money, they should be accountable!

Here is an area that the Manitoba Government has correct. The University of Manitoba falls under Access to Information in Manitoba. It is one of the many methods that we, has students, have at our disposal to hold the University Accountable.
Ontario’s Universities receive hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars of public money but they do not have to account for it. They are immune to Access to Information Requests. Without this safeguard, Public Institutions are ripe for corruption and backroom deals. (I do not make a distinction between the two)
Now to York University, quoted in today’s Toronto Star regarding a potential investigation by the Auditor General of the backroom land deal between a member of the Board of Governors and his buddy that sold valuable land for millions of dollars less than it worth:

York spokesperson Richard Fisher said later that York checked with in-house legal counsel and learned that the auditor-general would not have jurisdiction to examine the deal.
“The Provincial Auditor would have no jurisdiction because it is not a grant (of money) that is the issue,” said Fisher.**

An independent investigation is now underway after demands from Faculty and Students.
First of all, somebody should be held criminally responsible.
Secondly, the Ontario Government needs to send in teams of forsenic auditors to all Ontario Universities.
Third, the Auditor General should be sent to York immediately.
Fourth, every University Official involved in this decision should be placed on leave and the Provinicial Government must take control of this mess immediately.
Lastly, it is time for Ontario Universities (Colleges are already under Access to Information) to be held accountable for Public Money and accountable as Public Institutions!