York University - Need I Say More?

This is a good comment on the fiascos at York. (This article is about the Football Statium deal ~ do note it is the same shady type deals)
IN THE TORONTO STAR: An Opinion Column by Dave Perkins

Another item to wonder about: Why would the university drop the idea of receiving a payment of $5,000 per house sold because, according to a York official, “it was too hard to monitor.” Let’s see. You find a bright kid ( there are a few of them at York) and say, “Listen, Bosco, count the houses and multiply by $5,000. Then report back here.” It doesn’t sound too tough.

This was pretty good too:

That’s new turf and new dates in a building for which taxpayers already have tossed hundreds of millions down the rabbit hole. So why, now, do we need to spend another $35 million on a stadium that is otherwise unnecessary? York doesn’t need a 25,000-seat facility; it draws crowds in the dozens and hundreds for its sports teams. The Argos aren’t going to own the place; not unless they have negotiated the kind of sweetheart deal with York that could leave more people than Lorna Marsden speechless.
If both sides feel they need a new stadium, for whatever reason, then let them spend their own money, not ours, for it. York, judging by its performance on the land deal, must have plenty to burn.