You don't have a right to know, this week's edition


Hamilton’s City Council will be holding an unexpected special meeting on Wednesday to discuss “Proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land by the City of Hamilton”.

The meeting was announced to the media at 11:14am this morning.

Beyond that, there are no details. Why? Cause they don’t have to tell citizens even vaguely what property or properties they are discussing buying and/or selling.

As is practice with the City of Hamilton, it’s secret by default, open only when necessary and only after trying to keep it secret anyway.

It is proper for Council to discuss “Proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land by the City of Hamilton”, Council should inform the public what the lands in question are.

Either City money is about to be spent or City property sold-off.

Both are important decisions with direct impact upon the public. Neighbourhoods are changed, communities built or destroyed, and the city finances impacted.

People should have the right to involve themselves in all stages of decision-making.

Secrecy breeds speculation as the information vacuum is filled. What lands are on the table Wednesday?

The City Hall rumour mill continues to have West Harbour among the chatter. I put my speculation on West Harbour only because it’s the largest piece of real estate the City is looking to offload at the present time.

The City should be transparent and announce which properties are being discussed in-camera and commit to public feedback prior to making an rushed decision during this special Council meeting.


The City Clerk replied to my request for further information stating:

“The matter before Council on Wednesday may potentially be both acquisition and sale of land.”

Council will convene in open session soon after their in-camera discussions end on Wednesday.