You may be second-class but you can sit at the table

John Wigle, President of the Ainslie Wood/Westdale Community Association of Resident Homeowners Inc. says he group welcomes students in a letter to the editor of The Hamilton Spectator.

I live in Westdale, the area surrounding McMaster University. I attended one AWWCA event a few years ago and was ran out of the room. It was made clear to me that I was not welcome as I was an "outsider." The meeting was only for permanent homeowners. (Despite my strong Hamilton connections.)

I can state that if I were not from Hamilton East and did not love my home community; I would never live in Hamilton after being a second-class student commonly referred to as "student."

I guess I should be thankful, according to Wigle, I am now allowed to attend the local community council meetings. I’m not allowed to join, but what does that matter?