Hamilton Board of Health - 1:30pm - Smoking ban in Parks and Problem Gambling Prevention

City Council meets as Board of Health and on today’s agenda are two “hot topics”: Smoking and Gambling. Staff will present an update on the City’s no-smoking in parks bylaw and request more funding for problem gambling prevention.

Live coverage begins at 1:30pm, Watch the Livestream and follow @JoeyColeman on Twitter.

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Full Agenda on City Website


5.1 Larviciding Comments Regarding Municipal Services & Property Taxation on Condominium Properties
5.2 Capital Projects’ Status Report as of September 30 2013


7.1 Evaluation of By-law #11-080 Prohibiting Smoking Within City Parks and Recreation Properties


8.1 Prohibiting Smoking Within City Parks and Recreation Properties: Schedule Update
8.2 2013 Mid-Year Accountability Agreement Indicator Data
8.3 Health Promotion in Problem Gambling

(a) North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit respecting OSNPPH Call to Action: Creating a Health Workplace Nutrition Environment
(b) Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit respecting Regulatory Modernization in Ontario’s Beverage Alcohol Industry
(c) Timiskaming Health Unit respecting Enhancing Access to Oral Care Service


Items of Note

Larviciding Services for Condos | No Smoking in Parks By-law | Problem Gambling Prevention | Timiskaming Health Unit Letter on Oral Care Service

Larviciding Services for Condos

In 2012, Council asked each department to look at the cost of providing their City services to Condos. Public Health looked at their larviciding of standing water and have determined that services condos will be cost prohibitive. They are recommending no further action on the item, as other departments have already done. Council has been approving staff recommendations to not extend services to condos.

No Smoking in Parks By-law

Public Health is presenting survey findings to Council on the no-smoking in parks bylaw that finds strong public support for the ban.

The ban went into effect on May 31, 2012. From that date until August 31, 2013, Public Health issued six changes, approximately 600 warnings and say addition charges and warnings were issued by Hamilton Police.

With the public support findings, Public Health is recommending the continuing of the bylaw.

Problem Gambling Prevention

Hamilton’s Medical Officer of Health Dr. Elizabeth Richardson is asking to expand problem gambling prevention programs by adding a 0.5FTE position to the Department. The added position will further developed more targetted strategies to address problem gambling in Hamilton.

This new position is a follow-up to Dr. Richardson’s report during the casino debate.

Timiskaming Health Unit Letter on Oral Care Service

The Timiskaming Health Unit is asking the province to expand funding for low-income dental services and to create the cut-off income.

They have copied Hamilton City Council.

This may open an opportunity to address the coming Fluoride debate scheduled for Wednesday