2014 City Budget: Department Introduction Presentations [Replay]

The 2014 City Budget deliberations enters it’s biggest phase today as the General Managers for the six departments present their introductory overviews to Council.

While no decisions are being made today, the tone of the coming months will be set. There will be a presentation on how tax appeals are cutting assessments and revenue, and an update on growth in the downtown core and how that is helping revenues.

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Full Agenda on City Website


4.1     2014 Tax-Supported Operating Draft Budget – Corporate Overview
4.2     Planning
4.3     Public Health
4.4     Community Services
*** * * *   LUNCH BREAK   * * * ***
4.5     Public Works
4.6     Corporate Services
4.7     City Manager’s Office
4.8     Tax Assessment and Appeals

5.1     Assessment Appeals Restricting Assessment Growth (FCS13080)
5.2    Hamilton Downtown Urban Growth Centre: Municipal Taxes for the Years 2008 to 2012 (FCS13091)

Note: Presentations are not distributed ahead of time, hence there is no agenda preview today.