2:30 PM and I have yet to eat

I just realized that it is 2:30pm and I have yet to eat. I am busy studying and working on stories and the like. I have to say that Black Cherry Vanilla is great. I am about to file my blog story for the day over at Maclean’s then I am going to be working on the last minute studying.

It is amazing the amount of emails that I am getting right now. I am reading them all. I try to reply as well. Right now, I have 11 emails in my draft folder at various stages of incompletion.

Also, I have to respond to a certain person’s comment on tpyos:

I love my tpyos. With otu tehm, this bolg wuold look lkie a broing nwespaper, with last weeks nwes!

(Okay I know that is not much of a come back but that is all I have right now. At least I am not from Vancouver and living in Toronto.)