Another Page from the CFS Media Relations Playbook

You think they would have learned by now, unhappy complaining phone calls do not work. The CFS gave Nick Martin at the Winnipeg Free Press and angry phone call and he reported it on his blog.

For the information of people reading the story outside of Winnipeg, the following are the quotes from the students that the CFS is so unhappy about:

But Grade 11 Sisler High School student Adriel Agpalza said the tuition freeze is “bittersweet”.

“If the tuition freeze results in the decline of standards of post-secondary education, it really is useless” despite making education cheaper, said Agpalza, who hopes to become a teacher.

“You can already see it in the engineering faculty” which his brother attends, Agpalza said.

Julia Wiebe, a second-year political studies major at Canadian Mennonite University, said the government’s income tax rebate on tuition for students who remain in Manitoba after graduation “seems a Band-Aid approach that needs more than throwing money at it.

“The vitality of downtown and job opportunities are equally important for whether you stay in a city. There is more work to be done, especially in areas of transportation and the core area,” said Wiebe.

For those of you that are UManitoba students, you can read the article using the library databases here:

McMaster Students: We do not have the database for Canadian newspapers. Sorry but we are out of luck. (Somebody remind me that I need to look at all the Medical/Doctoral schools to see which have and do not have this database.) We have a different database (and this is why you always ask a librarian on the 2nd floor of Mills before assuming) for newspapers.
It is called Factiva. A commenter as pointed me to it (thanks!) with the following information:
go to:
enter Factiva
In Factiva, expand source, enter winnipeg free press
change default at the bottom to full text
enter “Education cash pleases universities” – into the free text box.

For students at other universities (and some public library users), you can find the article by using **Canadian Newsstand. **You have to find your databases on the university library website and eventually get to a ProQuest screen that lists all the ProQuest databases.
1) Select Canadian Newsstand
2) Search: “E****ducation cash pleases universities
” and you will find the article.