Add Another School to Student Revolts Against Poorly Run CFS-Controlled Student Unions

The Douglas Students’ Union Executive is now facing an impeachment petition campaign. This following a major financial scandal. reports that this impeachment campaign and some interesting connections between an individual involved at both DSU and SFU:
Recently, Global News in Vancouver ran a story on happenings at DSU:

It is scary to see somebody request (and the media grant that request) that their face and voice be hidden on air.
This all started with an stunning audit which can be viewed online here:
I had mentioned this scandal back on May 29th 2006 on my blog:

Controversy swirls at the Douglas Students’ Union

They hold Student Unions accountable, imagine that. It was The Peak that broke the Douglas Student Union $200,000 loan from CFS scandal.

It is interesting to note that a few of The Peak Articles have disappeared since that time. Global News reports that Joey Hanson is suing The Peak. This may explain why the articles have disappeared and there has been no further investigative journalism published by The Peak
Probably also explains why the post disappeared as well.