Ken Marciniec Now Using YouTube?

It appears that Ken Marciniec is now using YouTube.
I have to say good for him for doing so.
It is interesting to note that he (if it is him – the internet can be hard to tell) has disabled the ability to embed some of the videos on other sites.
It is interesting to listen to Jesse Greener spin tuition increases claiming that Graduate students are facing the largest tuition hikes in Ontario history. That is not true, one only has to go back to the NDP days in Queen’s Park to find that. They then claim that Grad Students involved in the negotiations are taking a 8 percent hike. Not true, it is 4 percent for returning students.
Where we agree is that TAs and RAs should have pay increases that match tuition hikes in order to have tuition protection.
Now Ken Marciniec has been a frequent subject on my blog. He is most famous for being behind CFS Cypersquating which I have posted about before.
In short, I am expressed that CFS is somewhat using YouTube. Now they just have to allow people to embed video to truly being using YouTube.
Update 1
Turns out that CFS is not the first Student Umbrella Organization to be doing this. The ANSSA as already been doing so. They have two videos up: