An interesting day, a random personal blog post

An interesting day, a random personal blog post

Nothing went as I planned today, and my mind isn't shutting down. Hence, time for one of my rambling personal blog posts.

I slept in, I have a flood of unexpected emails (including one that really surprised), tested my memory a bit, had some fun verifying my memory recall, and had to remind myself a few times of the importance of focusing on the long-term and not the short-term.

I'm ending the day with some RSS sorting and watching Pleasantville on the side monitor. I actually saw Pleasantville in theatres when it premiered in 1998. I got some gift certificates and went to see it for some reason I can't remember. (I only went to movies regularly when I was in the army).

My Grade 11 English teacher used Pleasantville for teaching material in mid-1999, making us studying the storyline and meanings of how it was produced. Much focus on what colour meant in the movie.

Tonight, watching it as I write this blog post, I'm struck by how the experiences of the teenagers in the movie. 1998 was the edge of the analog/digital teenager.

They are fighting over the television, both are speaking to their friends at length on telephones - one of which is cordless (cellphones are still a novelty in 1998), and of course there is the date showing up to the door without any answer. Oh, and mentions of hanging out at the mall.

I also enjoy the premise of the two protagonists, teenagers of the late 90s, being transported into the idealistic "simpler time" of the late 1950s as portrayed in television.

Anyway, time for me to go to bed. Hope you enjoyed this rather random personal blog post.

Oh, one of my favourite parts - the fire department rescuing a cat, because nothing ever goes wrong in Pleasantville, and all the fire department does not have to fight fires so they rescue cats.

Okay, I better try to sleep.

On a very good note, my newsletter for tomorrow morning is ready, and just needs me to press send, which I can do from my tablet laying in bed in the morning. :)