Big Yet Small, Hamilton Tales: Hamilton Wards OMB Edition

Hamilton is a medium size city, and you'll often run into many people you know in the same place.

But how often do you run into them thinking about the same thing?

It's 9:30pm, I print onto paper all of my OMB liveblog posts. It's about 100 pages. I hop onto a Sobi Bike and go over to the Mulberry Cafe to highlight key passages over coffee. (I'm working on summaries of the case for the week ahead)

Arriving at Mulberry, a couple ask me when I expect the OMB ruling to be released. I get a huge smile on my face, pull out my binder of print-outs, and tell them, funny you ask.

What follows is a good discussion of the case, and an opportunity for me to taste the response of my thoughts as I plan to publish them.

As we are speaking about the OMB case, one of the key participants in the case walks by.

Hamilton's a funny place like that.